How do I view the Invoices Raised a day at a time?


  • Click "Today"

  • To view the previous day(s) click the "<<" button

  • To view the next day(s) click the ">>" button

The Invoices Report explained


  • Date - contains the date on which the invoice was raised

  • Invoice - the "Invoice No." followed by the unique invoice number for each invoice listed. Click on the text/number to view the invoice details (click "Show Report" from the invoice screen to return to the Invoices List)

  • Client - your customer's Last Name, First Name. You can click on their name and you will be taken to the Client record. To get back to this report, click on "Show Report"

  • Gross - shows the total amount due on the invoice, including any tax

  • Credit Notes - displays the amount of any Credit Notes associated with this invoice

  • Debit Notes - displays the amount of any Debit Notes associated with this invoice

  • Status - this column shows the status of each invoice. This will be one of:

    • Unpaid - if no receipts have been allocated to the invoice

    • Part-Paid - if receipts have been allocated to the invoice but there is still an amount outstanding. Invoices will also be shown as Part-Paid if a credit has been made against the invoice eg: if a job was cancelled after the invoice was raised.

    • Paid - if the total amount due on the invoice, including any tax, has been paid in full.

  • Download PDF - click on this link to download an individual invoice in PDF format


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