Using the bulk invoicing facility, it is possible to save time by raising many invoices in a batch. If you take payments from your clients' debit or credit cards, then you can also process these payments from the bulk invoicing screen with just a few clicks.


Once you have selected your date range, and run your pre-invoicing checks, the uninvoiced report is now ready to raise invoices. You would use this option if you want your clients to see their invoices in the client portal only.


How do I raise invoices in bulk?


  • Click on the checkbox in the header on the right to select all in the report.

  • Click "Raise Invoices (No Email)...".

There are several options you can choose when raising an invoice, with an explanation as follows:


Only change this option if you want to invoice "up to a date". If you choose to do this, a new date option will appear called "Invoice Up To And Including" for you to specify the date range. For example, you may have scheduled all walks to take place in September on a single service order, but you may wish to invoice your client for the first two weeks of September on one invoice, and produce a separate invoice at a later date for walks scheduled for the rest of the month. Otherwise leave this option as "All Jobs".

Automatic Payment Options:

Take Payment if Applicable

Checking this box will ensure Pet Sitter Plus attempts to take the amount due from any clients who hav a card registered with you and who have checked "Allow Automatic Payment" in their client portal (see below).

Email Options:

Send Email To Client

As you have chosen to raise your invoices with no email, this option is pre-UNchecked but you can check it at this point. See Raising Bulk Invoices (Email) for further instructions.

  • When ready click "Raise Invoices".


How can I take Automatic Stripe Payments when I Raise an Invoice?


You may find that an option to "Attempt Stripe Payment" is visible in the "Raise Invoice" dialog box (see screenshot).

This option will be displayed (unchecked) if:

  • you have the "Enable Auto Billing" box checked in Invoice Settings in ADMIN > SETTINGS > Invoicing AND

  • your client's Payment Credential is "Stripe" AND

  • your client has registered a valid credit or debit card with you AND

  • the "Allow automatic payment" box is checked on the Settings screen in the Portal.


NOTE that if you check this box, the system will attempt to take the appropriate payment from the client's card. If, for any reason, the card payment cannot be processed eg: there are insufficient funds in the account, then the invoice will still be raised, but will be listed on the Unpaid Invoices Report.


If the client views their invoice through the portal, here is an example of what it might look like.

If you are located in Australia and charge GST then the words "Tax Invoice" will appear on your invoice instead of just "Invoice", as this is a legal requirement.


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