Before you commit to raising your weekly or monthly invoices, it is always advisable to run through some pre-invoicing checks in case you spot an error that can easily be corrected at this stage.


  • So before converting bulk quotes into invoices, you should check the contents of your quotes to ensure they are correct. Important: You must make sure that the correct "payment type" has been assigned as this is used to calculate the due date of the invoice.

  • Payment types can be applied to the client settings if you regularly invoice a client for dog walking in arrears for example. To apply a payment type to a client record, see Client Payment Types  for more information. All their quotes and invoices will automatically default to the payment type in their settings.

  • Alternatively, you can change the payment type on an invoice by invoice basis if you wish to make the payment type for a particular quote different from the usual one.

  • See Payment Types for a more detailed explanation of how to set these up for your billing periods, and how to amend and apply these payment types to client records.


From the uninvoiced report, you can access all aspects of your clients' orders and quotes to ensure they are correct.


How do I Check a Service Order before Raising Bulk Invoices?


  • Click on a client name to access all aspects of the client record. Here you can see the service orders to make sure the details which will go onto your invoices are correct.

All the usual Client and Pet details can be accessed from here.


  • To get back to the Uninvoiced Report, click "Show Report" or "Show All Dates" again.

You may need to check the contents of a particular quote if you notice that the amount or dates do not look correct.


  • Click on the word "Quote" to view and/or amend it.

You can access both the quote and the service order from here, to enable you to make any scheduling or pricing corrections prior to raising your invoices.


  • To get back to the Uninvoiced Report, click "Show Report" or "Show All Dates" again.


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