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Why do Unallocated Receipts Occur?


There are a few reasons why you might have unallocated cash or payments on a client's account:

  • When receiving cash (from a client) you have the option to allocate the cash receipt to client invoices so that they are marked as paid. If you choose not to allocate the cash at the time it is posted, it will appear as unallocated cash on the account.

  • Similarly, if you receive cash that is more than the value of the invoices outstanding (or there are no invoices outstanding), the additional amount (that cannot be allocated to invoices) will remain on the account as an unallocated receipt.

  • Finally, if you un-allocate a receipt from an invoice (so that you can re-allocate it to another invoice) this will create an un-allocated receipt. Refer to Unallocating Receipts for instructions on how to un-allocate a receipt from an invoice.


NOTE: When we refer to 'cash' payments, these can also be deposits into your bank account, or checks a client has given you.


When a Client has an Unallocated Amount (also called a "Credit" or "Cash on Account") in their Account, what happens when you Create a New Invoice?


When you create a new invoice, Pet Sitter Plus will automatically apply any unallocated amounts (credits) to the new invoice created. If for some reason, you DON'T want the credit to be allocated to the new invoice, but are saving the credit for use against a different invoice, you will need to follow the process for Unallocate a Receipt and Re-allocate it to Another Receipt.


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