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The option to "schedule" a service request will move the selected services onto a service order, which means that the services will now appear on your live schedule and will be invoiced at the time you normally create your invoices. 


Services on a service request are not usually scheduled until after you have completed your approval process to ensure that you can provide the services your clients have requested.


After a service is scheduled, a "Service Scheduled Email Notification" is sent to your client, and copied to your admin email. 


How do I Schedule a Service Request?

           ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Service Requests

STEP 1​​​

  • Check the box in the column heading to “select all” service requests that are ready to be schedules, or check services individually.

  • Click “Schedule Jobs”.

  • Choose an existing service order from the drop-down.

    • the requested services will be added to that service order and added to the schedule.

  • OR choose “New Order” from the drop-down if you want to create a new service order for these service requests.

  • The invoice will be created from the service order, so if you are adding services to an existing reservation or billing period, then you'll want to choose the existing un-invoiced service order. However, if the new services being requested will be billed separately, then select New Order so that a separate invoice can be created for these services. 

  • If you chose "New Order" then you can optionally add an Order Label for the new order. In this example, we want to label the New Order "Spring Vacation".

  • Click "Schedule Services" when done. 

  • A copy of a confirmation email that will be automatically sent to your client is shown below, as it might appear in Outlook or a similar mail program. 


  • Once the service requests are scheduled, they will show as scheduled services in a service order.

  • In this example, our service requests have been added to a New Order called "Spring Vacation". 

  • The services in the order are also on the Schedule and are ready to be invoiced when required.



  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search



  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Service Requests".



  • Select the service requests you want to schedule by checking off individual boxes next to the services or by checking the select-all checkbox in the column header. 

  • Tap the "Actions" drop-down button.

  • Tap "Schedule Services...".



  • Tap the Order drop-down.

  • Choose an existing service order to put the service requests into, or

  • Select "New Order"

  • Then tap "Done".

  • If "New Order" is selected, then optionally add an Order Label for the new order. 



  • The requested services are now scheduled and added to a service order.

  • In this example, the services were added to a new order called "Spring Vacation" as requested. 

  • The service order is in Quote status and is ready to be invoiced when required. 


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