It is possible to edit a single job or multiple jobs from the Schedule, but it should be noted that there are some options that should only be changed when you edit jobs individually, such as the date. If you are editing multiple jobs and you make changes to the date it will then apply to ALL the jobs you have selected and that is most likely not the result you wanted. 


Therefore, in some instances it may be better to delete the jobs if they are yet to happen to save time, rather than try to edit each one individually. 


Note: where multiple jobs are selected and the data is not the same on all jobs, then it will not be displayed.

How do I Edit Multiple Jobs?

           ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Schedule


  • Select the desired services using the check boxes in the left hand column. To select all services use the check box in the column header.

  • Click "Edit Services".

The following is an explanation of the choices available to be edited at this point. See screenshots below for next steps on editing multiple services. 


Change whether the services have been acknowledged or not. If you change this field to "Yes", then the services selected will all be marked as acknowledged. If you change them to "No", then the selected services will all be changed to "Not Acknowledged"


Changing the date will apply the service to a different date. this change will be made to ALL services so you should be cautious with using this option.

Service Item

Change the service item from the dropdown list.


Change the time at which you want your service(s) to be scheduled. 

Timeframe ±




Time Block

Show Time

The timeframe defines the window of time within which the services should be started, as an offset from the Time the services are scheduled for. So if, for example, you want a service to be started no earlier than 15 minutes before the Time of the service and no later than 15 minutes after the Time of the service, then you would set the timeframe to 15 minutes. The timeframe is specified in hours and minutes or it may be set to "None".


The way that service items are set up can affect whether this appears as a "Timeframe" or "Time Block". Therefore dependent upon which service item you have chosen, this may appear under either name. 

See Service Item Timeframe for more help on timeframes or Service Item Time Blocks for more help on Time Blocks.

If you do set a timeframe for a service AND you set "Show Time" (see below) to "Yes", then the timeframe will be displayed in the staff member's service list and schedule in Pet Sitter Plus.




In the world of pet sitting it is often not necessary to display a specific time for a service. For example, if you are walking 4 dogs together over lunchtime, it doesn't usually matter if you start at 12:00 midday or 1:00 pm as long as the dogs are walked over the lunchtime slot. It is important however that the dogs are grouped by schedule period so that when looking at the schedule it is easy to see the services that can be done together and therefore it is easier to plan the working day.

There are, however, clients who require their services to be carried out at a specific time. For example people who request a cat visit at exactly 5pm. For these clients it is a requirement to show the time against the service in the schedule. 

The "Show Time" option has a default setting for your system (called "Show Time Default"), which you can change in Admin > Settings > Schedule Settings. Please see Schedule Settings > Show Time Default for more information on how to do this.


The "Show Time" field has a default setting, which you can set to either "Yes" or "No" in Schedule Settings. The Show Time field on the "Add Services" screen will display "Yes" or "No' depending on your default "Show Time" setting. This can be changed on any service if required, either on the "Add Services" screen or at a later time using the "Edit Services" feature.

  • When "No" (don't show time in schedule) is selected, the system will not show the service time in the schedule. Instead the time will only be used to govern the schedule period (schedule column) in which the service is displayed.

  • When "Yes" (show time in schedule) is selected, the service time will show against your service in the schedule and the time will continue to govern the schedule period (schedule column) in which the service is displayed.


Using the drop down list of staff you can re-assign the one or more services you have selected to another member of staff.


Change the quantity if there is more than one item. For example if you charge for mileage at (say) $0.50 per mile, then the number of miles travelled would be entered into the quantity column.

Unit Charge

Each service item that you have set up in your system will have a standard charge or standard selling price. This standard price might have been calculated according to charge conditions that you have set up in your system in which case the calculated figure will appear in the unit charge box. The unit charge can be changed manually at this point to whatever you like. The unit charge is multiplied by the quantity to calculate the charge price for the service on the service order.


Each service that you have set up on your system has a standard compensation rate that you pay your staff. Compensation rates often vary according to a variety of factors which are governed by compensation conditions that you set up in your system. If compensation conditions apply then the appropriately calculated figure will appear in the compensation box. This figure can be changed manually at this point to whatever you like.

Diary Ref Override

The schedule ref for the client will appear in the admin and staff schedule to enable you and your staff to identify the service. If you want a particular set of services to display a different schedule ref than the default schedule ref on the client record, enter the required schedule ref in the schedule ref override. So, for example, if your client has two dogs and their schedule ref is "Poppy and Penny" but your service is for a walk for Penny only; then you could enter "Penny only" in the schedule ref override box.

Invoice Notes

Invoice notes appear on the invoice and can been seen by clients when they receive their invoice.

  • If multiple services have been selected, then any changes made to the Invoice Notes will be made to all the selected services.

Staff Notes

Staff notes are seen by staff who have been assigned service(s) that have corresponding staff notes. Staff notes appear in the admin and staff schedule.

  • If multiple services have been selected, then any changes made to the staff notes will be made to all the selected services.


  • When you have completed editing the services, click "Update". 

  • Note that the fields which have different data for the selected services, i.e. the date and the time/time block, are blank. You can still select an option from the drop-down to edit these options, but your selection will apply to all selected services. So if you select multiple services across several dates, then edit the date, the new date will apply to all services. 


  • In this example we have changed the sitter assigned to all services we are editing.

  • On the Schedule screen, the sitter assigned is now visible.

  • The original service order and the Scheduler will also be updated with your changes.


       ON MOBILE:


  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search



  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Schedule". 



  • Tap the check boxes to the left of the services you want to edit. 

    • Or you could tap the "All" box to select all services on the schedule.  

  • Tap the "Actions" drop-down button.​

  • Select "Edit Services...".



  • Make the necessary changes to your services. 

  • Tap on any option for more choices.

  • Tap "Update" when done.

  • Note that if multiple services are selected, any changes you make will be applied to All services selected.

  • In this example, we are changing the pet sitter for all selected services from Linnet to Yvette.



  • The changes you made to your selected services are now visible on the schedule. 


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