Use this function when your client orders the same service on regular days of the week. For example, when a client orders a lunchtime dog walk on a Tuesday and Thursday on an ongoing basis. 


  • Adding Repeat Services is designed to facilitate easier and faster scheduling of regularly required services that are ordered by any given client on a repeat or "ongoing" basis.

  • Before using the "Add Repeat" function you will need to have added one or more "Repeat Services" to your client record.

  • The "Add Repeat" function enables you to add multiple services to your client's schedule by reference to one of the "Repeat Services" you have set up for the client.


For example – If your client regularly orders a lunchtime walk for their dog each weekday, you will first need to create a "Repeat Service" that will hold the details of the regular requirement. The "Add Repeat" function will then allow you to choose a date range and make reference to any given "Repeat Service". The combination of a date range and a repeat service enables regular services to be scheduled more easily and more reliably with only a few mouse clicks.


Repeat services (once scheduled) are services that have been added to a service order and will:

  • Appear on service orders, quotes and invoices.

  • Appear in the administrators schedule.

  • Appear in the staff schedules.

  • Appear in commission/compensation reports.


How do I Add Repeat Services?

           ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Schedule


  • First make sure you have created the Repeat Service in the client record.
    See Adding a New Repeat Service for an explanation of how to do this.

  • Click "Add Repeat...".

  • In this example, we will add the remaining Monday to Friday daily walks required for this client for the month of March.


  • A dialogue box appears on the right of the screen.

  • Choose the service order you wish to add the repeat services to, or select "New Order" to create a new order. Give the order a "label" if you wish.

  • Enter the date range you require to schedule repeat services for. In this example, we will be adding Mon-Fri walks for the remainder of March, so our date range should be March 16-31.

  • Choose the name of the repeat service that was originally set up when you created the repeat service. In this example, we are choosing the repeat service we called "Monthly Package". The client's "Monthly Package" recurring service already includes the service details, such as the service, time block and staff.

  • Click "Add Services".



  • We can see the updated schedule below. Walks have been scheduled to the end of March for Mon-Fri from the Monthly Package repeat service.

  • In future, you could Run Repeat Services for this client, along with your other repeat service clients, as part of your monthly admin tasks to make adding these services even easier.


       ON MOBILE:


  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search



  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Schedule". 



  • To add new repeat services to the client's schedule, tap the "Actions" drop-down button.

  • Then tap "Add Repeat...".


  • In the dialogue box, select the service order you wish to add the repeat services to, or choose "New Order" and add a description in "Order Label" if you like.

  • Enter the date range for the repeat services to be scheduled.

  • Select the Repeat Service you want to use. The Repeat Service, i.e. "Monthly Package", has already been set up on the client's account and holds the details of the repeat service, for example the staff and time block.

  • Tap "Add Services".


  • Your added repeat services are now visible in the schedule and service order.

  • The status is a "Quote".

  • The services are now scheduled, but as yet have not been invoiced.


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