If you decide to increase or decrease any of your service prices, then you will first need to change the default charge on your Service Item, and possibly the Charge Conditions associated with your Service Item. To see how this is done, please refer to Default Charge and Editing a Charge Condition.

Once this has been done, any changes made to your price list will not be automatically reflected in any service orders containing services that were already scheduled prior to the time you made the price change. If you want to retrospectively change the value of services scheduled in a service order, then you can use the Reset Charges function for this.


For example, say you have increased your Home Visit price from $20.00 to $22.00 as of January 1st.


  • On January 1st, amend the prices on each of your Home Visit service items as required. For more explanation on how to do this, please refer to Default Charge and Editing a Charge Condition.

  • Before carrying out any further work in Pet Sitter Plus, navigate to each client's account (each client who had the Home Visit service already scheduled prior to your price increase) and "Reset Charges" for each service order which has un-invoiced services that were scheduled before your price change.

  • The unit charge and compensation will be automatically increased for each item in the service order (assuming you changed the price/compensation for that service under Admin > Services > Service Items).


NOTE: If you had previously edited a service manually in the service order (price or compensation) by using the "Edit..." button, then your charge/compensation will not be reset when you use the "Reset Charges" button - you will need to edit the service again manually and enter your new charge/compensation. In other words, the "Reset Charges" button will not override your manual edits to a service.

How do I Reset the Charges on a Service Order after I have changed my prices?

            ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Orders & Invoices > click on a service order

STEP 1​​​

  • Navigate to the service order concerned. Take note of the old prices that will need to be updated.


  • After the new prices have been entered into the default charge field of the appropriate service items, click "Reset Job Charges" in your order.

  • The charges on these items will be updated and the compensation amounts will be adjusted accordingly.



  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search


  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Orders & Invoices".


  • Tap on the order label to open the service order where you need to reset your client charges and/or staff compensation.

  • Tap the "Actions" drop-down button, and tap "Reset Charges"


  • The charges in the service order will be updated and the compensation amounts will be adjusted accordingly.

  • It is possible to reset staff compensation from your Schedule, which would allow you to, say, reset all staff compensation across many clients for an entire month. See Reset Compensation. But Reset Charges is only available in the service order.


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