There may be times when you need to cancel a service that was scheduled. Perhaps the client came home early from vacation so they no longer need a pet sitting service. Or maybe they stayed home sick so they do not need their daily dog walk.


Services that are cancelled:

  • will remain in your service order "greyed out" so that it is easy to distinguish them from "un-canceled" services.

  • are removed from the administrator and staff schedules so that the work does not get carried out.

  • remain on client quotes and invoices so that the client (and you) have a full record of all transactions on the account.

  • remain on staff compensation reports but are shown with zero compensation. It is possible to manually re-instate the compensation payment if required (see Edit a Single Service).


NOTE: Canceled services can be re-instated if they were canceled in error (see below how to do this).


How do I Cancel a Service in a Service Order?

            ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Orders & Invoices

STEP 1​​​

  • Select the service(s) to be cancelled by checking the boxes on the left of the service order.

  • Click "Cancel".


  • Cancelled services now appear "greyed out" and the description is now pre-fixed with the word "Cancelled". The services are also marked "CANCELLED" on the right side of the service order.

  • Note that the charge and compensation have been zeroed-out because the service will not take place.

    • To "add back" a client charge or compensation for the pet sitter (in the event of, say, a late cancellation that will be chargeable to the client), then simply check the box next to the cancelled service, and click "Edit..." to add back the charge and/or compensation.

Can I Reinstate a previously Canceled Service?


Yes. To reinstate one or more services, follow the same procedure that you used to cancel the service in the first place.


Reinstated services are:

  • returned to the administrator and staff schedules,

  • no longer appeared "greyed out" in the service order,

  • will no longer be marked cancelled on client quotes and invoices,

  • will be paid in full on staff commission reports.


How do I Reinstate a Canceled Service?


  • Check the boxes of the services that were canceled in error and need to be reinstated.

  • Click "Cancel" again.


The services will revert back into the schedule and the price and any compensation due will be reinstated as well.



  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search


  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Orders & Invoices".


  • Tap on the order label to open the service order where the services are that you want to cancel.

  • Select the services you want to cancel by tapping on the box to the left of the service(s).

    • If you need to cancel all services in the service order, there is an "All" checkbox above the services.​ Check "All" to select all services. 

  • Once the services are selected, tap the "Actions" drop-down button.​

  • Tap "Cancel".


  • Your cancelled services will remain in the service order so that you have a record of the services you cancelled.

  • Each service will be marked "CANCELLED", will be "greyed-out", and the financial data (client charge, staff compensation) will be zero.

  • Cancelled services are removed from the Admin, Staff, and Client schedules. ​


  • It is possible to "un-cancel" services that you have cancelled. Perhaps your clients changed their mind about cancelling service, or maybe the services were cancelled by mistake.

  • To un-cancel service, select the cancelled services in the order, tap the "Actions" drop-down, then tap "Cancel".

  • The cancelled services will then be reinstated in the service order and on the schedules.


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