There are times when a receipt is incorrectly allocated to the wrong invoice on a client account. This can happen when a client pays deposits for invoices, or partially pays invoices. Pet Sitter Plus makes an automatic allocation of the amount where it best matches an outstanding invoice, but this isn't always the invoice that the client intended to pay. When this happens you need to follow the process outlined in the example below to "unallocate" or "unassign" a receipt, and then "re-allocate" it to the correct invoice.


Client Carol Arkwright has made a payment that has been allocated to the wrong invoice.

  • Her payment of $100.00 is a partial-payment of Invoice No. 541.

  • But it has been allocated to Invoice No. 542.

  • This $100.00 needs to be "unallocated" or "unassigned" from Invoice No. 542 and "re-allocated" to Invoice No. 541.

How Do I Unallocate a Receipt and Re-allocate it to Another Invoice?

            ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Receipts & Refunds > Receipts

STEP 1​​​

  • Firstly you need to identify the payment and invoices that are involved.

  • Make a note of the payment amounts and invoice numbers involved.


  • Navigate to Clients > Receipts & Refunds > Receipts

  • Identify the receipt that you wish to un-allocate and then re-allocate. Click the receipt panel to view the receipt details.


  • Click the "Allocations" tab to view the Current Allocations.

  • Identify the payment you want to unallocate.

  • In this case, click "Unallocate" next to the allocation for $100 against Invoice No. 542.


  • Click on the "Allocations" tab again.

  • Delete the $100 next to Invoice No. 542 and re-enter it against Invoice No. 541.

  • Click "Allocate These Amounts".


  • On the Orders & Invoices screen, you can see that the payment of $100.00 is now showing against the correct Invoice No. 541.

  • You can also see that Invoice No. 542 is now fully due for payment with no paid amount against it.



  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search


  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Receipts & Refunds" then tap "Receipts".


  • On the Receipts screen, tap on the receipt you need to unallocate from an invoice. 

  • In this example, we want to unallocate the $100.00 payment made on 02/11/2020 from INV #542 because we need to apply that payment to another invoice. 


  • Tap the Navigator, then tap the "Allocations" tab in the nav panel.


  • Tap "Unallocate" next to the $100.00 payment that is currently being allocated to Invoice No. 542.

  • This will un-apply the payment from this invoice, leaving $100.00 available to apply to another invoice. 


  • Once the payment has been unallocated from the incorrect invoice, tap the Navigator then tap "Allocations" again to apply the payment to a different invoice. 


  • Enter the payment amount in the Allocations column next to the invoice you want to pay.

  • In this example, we want the $100.00 payment to be applied to Invoice No. 541. So type "100.00" in the Allocations box to the right of Invoice No. 541, leaving "0" in the Allocations box for the other invoice. 

  • Tap "Allocate These Amounts".


  • Return to the Orders & Invoices screen, and you can now see that the $100.00 payment has been allocated to Invoice No. 541,

  • Invoice No. 541 totals $154.00, but has $100.00 applied to it, so there is an outstanding balance due of $54.00.

  • Note that there are no payments applied to Invoice No. 542 for $176.00.


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