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Usually when you create an invoice, your client is happy with the services and costs they have been charged. However, there are times when you may find yourself in a situation where the correct procedure is to "void" an invoice. Below is an explanation of why this can happen, and when you should do this.


When should I Void an Invoice?


You should void an invoice if you have created an invoice that is now incorrect because, for example:

  • your client made a late cancellation of a service

  • you wish to change the amount your client has been charged

  • your invoice contains incorrect details due to an administrative error

In these situations, you should use the "void" function to cancel the invoice.


This means you will then be able to either:


  • amend the service order and recreate and resend a new invoice with the correct information, or

  • cancel the services from the service order if they are no longer required, or

  • change the payment type if the due date has been calculated incorrectly and recreate and resend a corrected invoice.


How do I Change the Details on the Service Order once an Invoice has been raised?


Once services have been included on an invoice, it is still possible to change the following details of the services in the service order without having to "void" the invoice. This is to enable you to continue to make certain scheduling and detail changes that don't affect the monetary value of the invoice:


  • Staff - you might send out an invoice for a boarding service but then need to move it to another pet sitter

  • Time (within the original date)

  • Staff compensation

  • Invoice notes and staff notes


However, you will need to "void" the invoice first so that you can then make the required changes to the services on the service order and then re-send an amended invoice if you need to change any of the following information:

  • The service date

  • The service item (i.e., Boarding, Walking)

  • The quantity

  • The unit charge rate


How do I Void an Invoice?


Read the information on How to Void an Invoice to learn the procedure.


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