When you create a credit note on a client's account, you will probably wish to send a copy of it to your client so they can see that it has been applied.


There are three methods to achieve this: 

  • Download the credit note PDF and attach it to an email from your email client such as Outlook

  • Download the credit note PDF and print it off to be handed to the client

  • Once the credit note has been committed, you can re-send the invoice and account summary to the client and the credit note will be included in the PDF attachment. It is also noted on the Account Summary.

  • The credit can be viewed on the Client Portal on the Account Summary page which is opened automatically when a client logs in to the portal.


How does the Client View the Credit Note?

  • If the client logs in to their client portal, they will see any credits that are on their account by viewing the Account Summary page: