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The Pet Sitter Plus Client Schedule can be viewed on a daily basis to take an in depth look at the services scheduled for a particular client.


Just as in the main daily Schedule, fine adjustments to their services can be made here, as well as making adjustments in bulk.



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Editing a Single Service  >

How to make changes to a single service on the schedule.


Editing Multiple Services >

How to edit multiple services on the schedule and which options are available using this function.


Cancelling a Service >

You will be able to cancel services that have been scheduled but have yet to take place.

Voiding a Service >

Learn how the "Void" function is used on historic services.

Deleting a Service >

An explanation of the processes used for deleting services that are either yet to take place, or are historic.

Adding a Service >

How to add a new service into the schedule and a new or existing service order.

Adding Repeat Services >

Use this repeat services function when your client orders the same service on regular days of the week. For example, when a client orders a lunchtime dog walk on a Tuesday and Thursday on a perpetual ongoing basis.