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If a client requires a service (such as a dog walk) on a regular repeating basis (ex: Monday through Friday) then this requirement can be recorded as a repeat service for each client record.

  • Repeat services are created for clients who have regular repeating services requirements that are predictable.

  • It is not necessary to create repeating services for clients who book occasionally (for example, vacation clients).

  • To make the scheduling of repeating services more automated, repeat services can be "run" between date ranges that represent your desired billing cycle (example monthly, weekly, bi-weekly).

  • Running repeat services for one or more clients at the same time not only creates the schedule very quickly but also creates a service order for the required billing period for each client. This service order ultimately becomes the invoice.


To automate your regular monthly scheduling with repeat services for ALL clients see How Do I Run Repeat Services from the Schedule.



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Repeat Services Explained >

Find out how you can automate your scheduling by setting up repeat services for your schedule.

Adding a New Repeat Service >

Learn how to create a repeat service for clients who book regular dog walks throughout the month.


How to Run Repeat Services for a Client >

From the Client record, you can run a repeat service for an individual client.


How to Run Repeat Services for ALL Clients >

From the Schedule in Pet Sitter Plus, you can automate scheduling and creating orders for your repeat bookings every week or month, for all regular clients.


Editing a Repeat Service >

If a client changes their regular days they require a repeat service, you can edit the service details here.


Making a Repeat Service Inactive >

If a client suspends their service for a short period, you can make the repeat service inactive.


Deleting a Repeat Service >

Learn how to delete a repeat service.



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