Your client's experience with Pet Sitter Plus will be greatly enhanced by including your branding on official invoices and quotes. Plus adding your logo to the client portal will also provide your clients with a recognizable image and the assurance they are dealing with your business as their pet care provider.


How do I Add my Logo to Pet Sitter Plus?

            ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Admin > Settings > Company Logo

STEP 1​​​

  • Click "Choose file".

  • Browse to your logo file on your PC or MAC.

  • Click "Upload".


Your file will be displayed either partially or fully in the rectangle.



  • Smaller Logo Image File Size is Best

  • Your logo should ideally fit within this rectangle but it does not need to be rectangular – it could be any shape.

  • As a general rule, the more your logo image extends over the boundaries of this rectangle, the larger the image file size. Smaller image files are best.

  • To improve the ability of Pet Sitter Plus to send and store your invoices, please keep your logo image file size down to below 50kb.

  • If your logo image falls outside the boundaries of the rectangle then your image file may be too large and you may be sending and storing more data than you need to with each invoice.

  • If you suspect this is the case, simply resize your logo image file to make it smaller and then upload the re-sized (smaller) image. If you need help with re-sizing your logo image file please contact support.


Note: If your logo image is already small, it might still fall outside the boundaries of this rectangle and still look ok on the invoice. Please take a look at a quote or an invoice in your system to see what you think.

This is how the logo looks on the Quote:



  • Tap the Navigator and select Admin > Settings > Company Logo


  • Tap "Choose file".

  • Browse to your logo file on your mobile device.

  • Tap "Upload".

  • Your file will be displayed either partially or fully in the rectangle.

  • Your logo will appear on your PDF quote and invoice documents, as well as in the client portal.