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It is essential to carrying out your pet sitting services that you have a detailed record of each pet. This ensures your staff have up-to-date information when they visit a client's home to take care of the pet.


Clients should be encouraged to engage with this part of the client portal to ensure their pet's record is always updated with accurate information, such as:

  • each individual pet's feeding and care instructions

  • any medication that your staff need to administer and the correct dosages

  • where the pets should be kept in the home

  • any additional tasks the client wishes you to carry out for each pet


You can add sections that apply to particular types of pets, up to date vaccination data, and your pet's veterinary surgeon's contact information



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Pet Details >

Complete the information about individual pets, such as their breed, color, age, etc.

Feeding & Medication >

How to complete feeding and medication instructions for individual pets.


Pet Notes >

Notes can be added to the pet record for internal use only, plus notes that both the client and your sitters will see.


Walking, Collar & Leash (Dog only) >

Individual instructions regarding walking a client's dog.


Dog Behavior (Dog only) >

A section where aspects of the dog's behavior can be noted and made accessible to the dog walker/sitter.


Boarding Service (Dog only) >

If the client uses you for boarding, relevant information about providing this service can be stored here.


Cat Visits (Cat only) >

Here you can ask particular questions here about visiting cats so your staff are more informed, such as the location of the litter tray and replacement supplies.


Vaccinations >

Some pet sitting businesses make this mandatory that clients inform them of each pet's vaccinations and that they are kept up to date. 


Vet >

A list of local vetinerary practices are available so clients can select the vet that their pets are registered with, so that, in an emergency, your sitters can ensure the pet is cared for.


Settings >

How to delete a pet record from Pet Sitter Plus.


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