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The key management system enables you to record details of any number of keys which you and your staff hold on behalf of your clients, including which member of staff (if any) currently holds each key and the date and time the key was assigned to the staff member.

If a key is recorded for a client, your Schedule will clearly show whether or not the staff member scheduled to carry out a service has the required key – a green key icon will be displayed next to a service for which they have a key and a red key where they do not.

If you have a key but do not know to which client it belongs, then the Key Management Report can help you find it.




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Adding a New Key >

How to add a key to a client record.

Assigning a Key >

How to assign a key to a staff member.

Viewing a Key's History >

View the last four key assignments and see the time and date they were returned.


Amending a Key >

See how to make changes to a key's name, reference and description.


Returning a Key >

Understand the process of returning a key to an administrator, another staff member or the client.


Deleting a Key >

How to delete a key.


Key Management Report >

The Key Management Report enables you to list all keys currently assigned to staff members, and view the client's key details and history of assignments.


Finding a Key by its Reference >

If you only have the reference or number of a key, you can search for the client to whom the key belongs.



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