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Once your invoice has been created and the client has made payment against it, it will remain on the client's account and can be referred to at a later date. 

However, once your client has received the invoice, you may need to make changes such as:

  • viewing the details of an invoice

  • editing an invoice

  • using payment types to change when the invoice will be due for settlement

  • deleting an invoice

  • sending the invoice to a client for payment

  • customizing how your invoice appears to your clients

  • amending who receives a copy of the invoice



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Viewing an Invoice >

How to view the details of an invoice on a client record.


Editing an Invoice >

Learn the process required to make changes to an invoice.

Using Payment Types >

Payment types are used to change when an invoice is due for settlement and can be set prior to creating the invoice.


Void an Invoice >

Learn the correct method for voiding an invoice from the client record and your system.


Deleting an Invoice >

Learn the correct method for deleting an invoice from the client record and your system.

Sending Invoices to Clients >

Learn the different methods for sending invoices to individual clients and for carrying out bulk invoicing for multiple clients with one click.


Customizing your Invoices >

You can personalize your invoices to suit your business, including adding your logo and including your payment terms.


Who Receives a Copy of the Invoice? >

You can check who will receive invoices in the client's account, and see how to amend who receives a copy.