Navigate to Clients > Orders & Invoices > click on the Invoice


Usually you create an invoice when the order has been scheduled and the client is happy with the services and costs they will be charged.


However, there may be times when:

  • your client makes a late cancellation of a service

  • you wish to change the amount your client has been charged

  • your invoice contains incorrect details due to an administration error


In these circumstances, you should "Void" the invoice so you can make any changes in service order and recreate and resend an updated invoice to your client.


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When should I Void an Invoice? >

Understand the circumstances that may occur that require you to void an invoice.


How to Void an Invoice >

Explains the procedure you need to follow to void an invoice.


Viewing a Voided Invoice >

Once an invoice has been voided, it is still possible to view its original contents.