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When an invoice is created, it is a direct copy of the service order – think of it like a photocopy that has been made of the order.


If we stick with this analogy, when you make a change to the order, the invoice – or 'photocopy' – won't automatically change. It needs to be 'thrown in the wastebasket' and a new 'copy' made of the order. This means that once the changes have been made to the order you will need to resend a new invoice to your client.


Therefore, we cannot simply 'edit' an invoice. The process to be followed is to:

  1. Void the invoice.

  2. The service order then reverts back to "Quote" status.

  3. Changes can be made to the order.

  4. The quote can then be converted into a fresh invoice that now has the correct, changed services and/or prices.

  5. The new invoice can then be sent to the client.