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How do Service Orders Work?


  • The service order is at the center of the Pet Sitter Plus system and contains a record of both scheduled and completed work for any client over a given period of time.

  • Service orders contain services which detail the work carried out for a particular client over a particular period of time (usually the billing period).

  • A service order should always contain the services that will appear on any given invoice. For example, if you invoice weekly, then you should create one service order per week. Likewise, if you invoice monthly, then you should create one service order per month. If you are invoicing a client for a two-week vacation (i.e., vacation home boarding, daycare, in-home pet sitting service), then all the services for that job should typically appear on one service order.

  • Importantly, changes made to services held on service orders are reflected instantly around the system, meaning that staff have instant access to the latest information and the data is entered only once. 

  • By default, the label for each service order is "Service Order". You can leave this as it is, or you can click the edit icon link next to the order name and enter whatever text you like, for example "Home boarding for Fido" or "January Walks".

  • Service orders provide the information required to produce accurate and itemized quotes and invoices.

  • Information held in service orders is fed into the real time schedule and service lists used by administrators and staff to run the business.

  • Information contained in service orders can be used to calculate staff compensation.


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