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Once your service order is set up and you have scheduled services in it, there will be occasions when you need to make changes or edit the order, such as:


  • Whether the service is acknowledged or not

  • The date of a service

  • The type of service (i.e. change a Dog Walk to a Home Pet Visit)

  • The time of a service

  • The timeframe or time block in which the service should be carried out

  • Choose whether to show the time in the schedule by selecting "Yes" or "No" in the "Show Time" field

  • The staff member assigned to the service

  • The quantity

  • The price (unit charge) you are charging your client

  • The compensation rate you will be paying your sitter

  • The schedule ref override

  • The notes that the client will see (Invoice Notes)

  • The notes that you and your staff will see (Staff Notes)


You may also need to edit the order more fundamentally, such as to cancel, void or delete a service(s) or to move services from one order to another, and include additional services that weren't on the original request.


Scheduling workflow can be greatly benefited by including repeat services in your order processing.



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Editing a Single Service >

How to make changes to a single service on a service order.


Editing Multiple Services >

How to edit multiple services on a service order and which options are available using this function.

Canceling a Service >

You will be able to cancel services that have been scheduled but have yet to take place.

Voiding a Service >

Learn how the "Void" function is used on historic services.

Deleting a Service >

An explanation of the processes used for deleting services that are either yet to take place, or are historic.

Converting a Scheduled Service back into a Service Request >

When the details of a service change – such as if the sitter previously scheduled is no longer available – you can convert the scheduled service back into a Service Request while you try to find an alternative available sitter.


Moving a Service >

You may wish to re-organize your client's services into separate orders, for example, to have one order for walking and another for home visits, or if you have services that go over several weeks and you wish to invoice bi-weekly. In this situation, you can move those services from one order into a new or an existing order. 

Adding a Service to an Order >

How to add a new service into a new or existing service order.

Adding Repeat Services >

Use this function when your client orders the same service on regular days of the week. For example, when a client orders a lunchtime dog walk on a Tuesday and Thursday on a perpetual ongoing basis. 


Reset Job Charges >

If you want to retrospectively change the value of services scheduled in a service order as a result of changes to the list prices of your services, then you can use this function for that purpose.


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