Once you have created a repeat service, it is possible to make changes to it, such as:

  • your client has a regular walk every Wednesday and they want to change it to Thursday instead,

  • your client has a regular walk on Monday and Tuesday and wants to add another walk on a Wednesday, so you need to add the extra day to the repeat service,

  • you need to change the primary sitter who carries out the walks,

  • or you need to change the time the services are due to take place so the repeat service appears in the right column on the schedule.


How do I Edit a Repeat Service?​

            ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Repeat Services

STEP 1​​​

  • When you click on the client's Repeat Services tab, the screen will default to the first repeat service that appears in the panel on the left. If there is more than one repeat service, click the repeat service you wish to edit if it is not the first one.

  • Edit the repeat service details. Remember to change the label if you change the days of the week that the services are due to take place.

    • Scheduling Notes will appear on the Repeat Service report (Scheduler > Repeat Services) next to the client's repeat service that is "Ready" to be run. Scheduling Notes act as reminders when scheduling your repeat services, such as "Do not schedule for the month of June". 

    • Invoice Notes will appear on the client's invoice.

    • Staff Notes will appear on the Admin and Staff schedules.

  • Click "Update Services".



  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search



  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Repeat Services" then tap "Manage Services".



  • Tap on the repeat service you want to edit. 

  • In this example, the client only has one repeat service on their account - a recurring dog walk on Mon, Wed, Fri. 



  • Edit the repeat service as needed. 

  • Scroll down the screen to view more options, i.e. Scheduling Notes, Invoice Notes, Staff Notes. 

  • Tap "Update Service" when done. 


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