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Pet Sitter Plus allows you to enter a spouse / alternative contact. When providing domestic pet sitting services, you will very often be dealing with more than one person so it's helpful to have a place to record a secondary contact. It is your choice entirely who you make the main contact and who you make the alternative client, but the following rules apply: 

  • You can enter an email address for the main contact, and the spouse / alternative contact. All Quotations and Invoices will be sent to the main contact, and will also be sent to the spouse / alternative contact IF you have toggled on the "CC Emails to this Address" box and entered a valid email address. If you do not want correspondence to be sent to a particular email address, leave the email buttons in the off position.

  • Only the Main Contact First Name and Last Name will appear on all Quotations and Invoices (above the main client address), not the Spouse / Alternative Contact. 


How do I complete the Spouse / Alternative Contact section?


Navigate to Clients > Client Data > Client Details 



  • Simply enter your text in each field as follows, and click "Update".

NOTE: CUSTOM FIELDS may change the appearance of this page in PSP. See your Admin for more info.

First Name

Please enter the alternative contact first name. 

Last Name

Please enter the alternative contact last name. 

Relationship to you?

This drop down menu gives several options to choose for your alternative contact.


Please enter the alternative contact's email address. Note: You can input a valid email address in the main contact, or the alternative contact or both (in which case both the main contact and alternative contact will receive your Quotations and Invoices).

CC Emails to this address

All correspondence sent to the Main Contact will be copied to the email address entered above if this button is on.

Home Phone

Please enter their home landline number.

Work Phone

Please enter their work landline number.

Mobile (Cell) Phone

Please enter their work mobile (cell) number.


Please enter their address. This is a free format address (optionally line-separated) which can / should include a zip code / postcode, and it can be used by the MAP function to obtain accurate GPS co-ordinates. 

Does this contact hold a key to your home?

Toggle on this button if your spouse / alternative contact has a key for your home.

Notes (Public)

Enter any notes here, such as how to get hold of the spouse / alternative contact if the main contact is unavailable.

NOTE: Custom Fields enables our pet sitting companies to create and develop their own environment within the CLIENTS pages within Pet Sitter Plus. This means that where your admin has introduced custom fields that are unique to your business, certain fields on our help screens may not look exactly the same as yours. We therefore can only provide explanations and descriptions of our standard system fields, and recommend you see your admin for more information.


If you wish to change the content and layout in this section, see Custom Fields for more information.



  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search


  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • Tap on their name to open their account.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Client Data" then tap "Client Details".


  • Enter the details for the client's Spouse or Alternative Contact.

  • Toggle on the box for "CC Emails to this address" if you would like emails sent from PSP to the client to be CC'd to the spouse/alternative contact.

  • Indicate if the spouse/alternative contact has a key to the client's house. 

  • Add Public Notes if desired, which can be viewed by Admin, Staff, and Clients. 

  • Tap "Update" when finished.


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