If you have a client who requires a regular service on an ongoing basis - such as a dog walk each weekday or on Tuesdays and Thursdays - then you can set up a Repeat Service and schedule these services for the coming week, month or whatever date range you choose at the push of a button for each client. 

Alternatively, if you have a number of clients who have Repeat Services, all of these services can be scheduled simultaneously by running repeat services for all clients. See How Do I Run Repeat Services from the Schedule? for more details on how to run Repeat Services for all clients.


How do I Add a New Repeat Service to a Client's Record?

            ON DESKTOP:

Navigate to Clients > Repeat Services

STEP 1​​​

  • The default screen on the Repeat Services page on a client's account - provided they do not have an existing repeat service - is the "New Repeat Service" page.

  • Enter the details of the client's repeat service per the descriptions below, then click "Create".

New repeat service.jpg


Type in a brief description for the service eg: "Mon-Fri AM" or "Tue,Thurs" – try to keep the description as short as possible as there is limited space on the repeat services report. There is no need to include a description of the service, eg: 30 Minute Dog Walk, as the system will display this for you on the reports. Enter the details for the repeat service as follows below:

Service Item

Select the service item, eg: Group Walk 1 Dog, from the dropdown list.


The primary or most regular sitter who carries out the service.


Uncheck the box for the days the service is NOT required.

Date of Month

If the service is only required one day a month, select the date of the month from the dropdown list.


Select the time the service is required to be carried out.

Timeframe ±




Time Block

The timeframe defines the window of time within which the service should be started, as an offset from the Time the service is scheduled for. So if, for example, you want a service to be started no earlier than 15 minutes before the Time of the service and no later than 15 minutes after the Time of the service, then you would set the timeframe to 15 minutes. The timeframe is specified in hours and minutes or it may be set to "None".


The way that service items are set up can affect whether this appears as a "Timeframe" or  "Time Block". Therefore dependent upon which service item you have chosen, this may appear under either name. 

See Service Item Timeframe for more help on timeframes or Service Item Time Blocks for more help on Time Blocks.

If you do set a timeframe for a service AND you set "Show Time" (see below) to "Yes", then the timeframe will be displayed in the schedule.

Time Block "edit" allows you to enter a custom time-block for the service(s) being scheduled (a time block that is not in the drop-down list of preset time blocks). For example, a client may request a dog walk from 11:00am-12:00pm, but your preset time blocks include 11:00am-1:00pm. To change the time block for only these services being scheduled, click "edit" next to the Time Block drop-down, and enter the custom time block. Then click "done".

Show Time

In the world of pet sitting it is often not necessary to display a specific time for a service. For example, if you are walking 4 dogs together over lunchtime, it doesn't usually matter if you start at 12:00 midday or 1:00pm as long as the dogs are walked over the lunchtime slot. It is important however that the dogs are grouped by schedule period so that when looking at the schedule it is easy to see the services that can be done together and therefore it is easier to plan the working day.

There are, however, clients who require their services to be carried out at a specific time. For example people who request a cat visit at exactly 5pm. For these clients it is a requirement to show the time against the service in the schedule. 

The "Show Time" option has a default setting for your system (called "Show Time Default"), which you can change in Admin > Settings > Schedule Settings. Please see Show Time Default for more information on how to do this.

The show time box on the repeat services screen will initially display whatever your system default is set to, so if the "Show Time Default" on your system is set to "Yes", then the show time field for the repeat services will be displayed as "Yes". You can change this if you do not want to show service times for this particular repeat service.

  • When "No" is selected, the system will not show the service time in the schedule. Instead the time will only be used to govern the schedule period (schedule column) in which the service is displayed.

  • When "Yes" is selected, the service time will also show against your service in the schedule and the time will continue to govern the schedule period (schedule column) in which the service is displayed.

Schedule Ref Override

Any text entered in this box will appear in the schedule in place of the "Schedule Ref" for the client. So, for example, if your client has two dogs and their schedule ref is "Poppy and Penny" but your repeat service is for Puppy Training for Penny only; then you could enter "Penny" in the schedule ref override box.



  • Tap the Navigator and select Clients > Search



  • Navigate to your client's account from the Clients search page.

  • In the left-side navigation pane, tap "Repeat Services" then tap "Manage Services". 



  • The default screen on the Repeat Services page on a client's account - provided they do not have an existing repeat service - is the "New Repeat Service" page.

  • Enter the details of the client's new repeat service, per the descriptions listed above.



  • Tap "Create" at the bottom of the screen. 

  • The repeat service is now set-up, and can be "run" from the client's Repeat Services page, or with other repeat clients from Scheduler > Repeat Services. 

  • See How to Run Repeat Services for a Client for more details. 


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